Mušov - Brána do Římské říše



The tradition of archaeological excavations of the Roman fortified base found at Hradisko near the former village of Mušov dates back to the First Republic and the importance of the discoveries are illustrated by a personal visit of the president T. G. Masaryk during the excavations in 1927. Since the seventies of the previous century the intensive scientific and rescue archaeological excavations have been carried out by the Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences CR, Brno. Nowadays, the site is in the scientific literature considered to be a central location of the Roman army, which repeatedly occupied the territory of Marcomannic Germanic tribe during the reign of the emperor Marcus Aurelius, and which was probably planned to be incorporated to the Roman Empire at some point. Experts do not exclude that the military base in Hradisko at Mušov was perhaps projected as the future capital of the newly acquired territory, and which also could have been personally visited by the Roman emperor himself during the seventies of the 2nd century AD. It is also the best preserved Roman army camp in our territory, which extent, quality of fortification systems and internal build-up area, and abundance of movable findings make it the unique archaeological complex within the whole Central European context. Is also the only place in the Czech Republic, where are largely preserved remains of authentic ancient architecture (more information here).


These characteristics make Hradisko at Mušov a unique monument and place which is destined to become a symbolic gateway through which one can gain insight into the mysteries, beauty and legacy of the ancient Rome again. Applying a suitable synergy of scientific knowledge and interest in public institutions and major companies, operating in favor of long-term development of the area Pasohlávky, for the general public Hradisko at Mušov may - and should become - a gateway to the knowledge of one of the fundamental roots of which grows out of our present civilization.


Hradisko at Mušov. The extent of fortified Roman base and significant evidences of Roman architecture. More information here.