Mušov - Brána do Římské říše



MUŠOV - Gateway to the Roman Empire (NGO) is a non-profit organization established for effective and coordinated implementation of common publicly beneficial programs of archaeological monument heritage presentation within the cadaster of Pasohlávky municipality and its surroundings. It represents a joint platform of the founders, which purpose is to mediate the importance and legacy of archaeological and historical sites to general public in a long-term perspective and using all culture-education popularization tools, with special emphasis on the unique evidences of Roman Empire legions.


Archaeological monuments of the former Mušov village cadastral territory (today cadaster of Pasohlávky) represent an extraordinary part of the national cultural heritage, which historical significance extends beyond the Czech Republic. Almost a hundred years of the archaeological excavations bring to the light new and often unique evidences about the life and decline of various cultures and ethnic groups since the end of the last Ice Age to the Middle Ages. Among these monuments entirely excel those which resulted from repeated presence of the Roman army in the territories populated by the Germanic tribe of Marcomanii.